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We are shining stars

We are invincible, we are who we are

28 October 1983
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makeste (Julie):
  • is an office manager by day/internet lurker by night.

  • loves to ramble about things (particularly fandom things).

  • is the kind of annoying person who likes lots of things and dislikes very few things, which means many of her posts are all gushing and no real substance.

  • adores gen in all its forms.

  • can't draw to save her life, but likes to think she can sort of kind of write.

  • is mostly inactive these days (internet participation levels over the years have dwindled from livejournal (high) to tumblr (medium/low) to buzzfeed (nonexistent). Passively consuming Internet content is where it's at, y'all.

makeste's fandoms include:
  • ace attorney • adventure time •a song of ice and fire/game of thronesavatar: the last airbender • the bartimaeus trilogy • brooklyn nine-nine • chaos walking • the chronicles of narnia • cowboy bebop • detective conan • digimon • durarara!! • firefly • fullmetal alchemist • harry potter • his dark materials • how to train your dragon • homestuck • inuyasha • katekyo hitman reborn!legend of zelda • lord of the rings • lost • marvel/mcu • marvel's agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. • naruto • one piece • parks and recreation • samurai champloo • scott pilgrim • star trek • star wars • the walking dead

makeste's journal:
  • is not friends-only.

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